Problems accessing a resource

A. Authentication problems

Cause: your credentials (userid / password) are not accepted.

If you need help in relation with this type of problem, please contact the DIT Support Center (staff) or Micromus (students).

B. Authorization problems

Cause: you are not authorized to access the service you requested, either because there is a communication problem between the Home Organization and the Service Provider (see category C), or because your personal information does not match what the Service Provider expects.

If you believe that you have an authorization problem, please contact the Service Provider you tried to access. Contact information (phone number, email address) are generally displayed on the error form.

C. Communication problems

The communication flow between the Home Organization (the University of Fribourg) and the Service Provider may experience difficulties.

If this kind of problem occur, please contact the Home Organization Support (aai-support@unifr.ch). Give as much information as possible, send Print Screens. Write in French, English, German or Italian.