No interactive jobs on beo01.
There is no backup of /home diectory but data are safe on RAID 5 array of disks. Deleted data can't be restored

Use qsub command or sbmit jobs on the nodes directly (including code compilation or testing). People submiting jobs on beo01 will be banned from using cluster.
If you have interactive job ssh to any of the free nodes and run it there. If you want to submit interactive job through queuing system, copy /apps/bin/interactive to your home directory and modify DISPLAY settings inside.
Afterwards submit it through queiong system, it will display new interactive window on your computer (remember to allow connection: xhost + beo01     and add beo01 as trusted machine to your firewall).

CPU time limit is one month. Jobs longer than that are automatically killed. If you need more time please contact me.

Use qsub command with proper script. Scripts are located in directory /apps/bin. If you need your own script modify default script or ask for help.
Genaral example of job submition:

qsub /apps/bin/script name_of_your_job

Than job is automatically dispatch to the free node or waits for execution in two cases:
1. You have already more than max. job running which is 9 at the moment. Your job will wait till one of your running jobs is over.
2. Whole cluster is occupied and you have to wait till one of the jobs is finished

To submit job to specific nodeXX type (XX-node number):

qsub -q nodeXX /apps/bin/script name_of_your_job

Interactive jobs:

Copy /apps/bin/interactive to your home directory and add following line:

export DISPLAY=name_of_you_pc:0.0
qsub /home/$USER/interactive
Wait few seconds and gnome-terminal should appear on your screen. Than you can do your interactiv work. Be sure that your PC accepts X connection (on Linux machine do: xhost +)


To kill the submitted job first type: qstat |sort
to obtain ID of the job and than type: qdel ID_of_the_job


Gaussian jobs:
qsub /apps/bin/gauss03 name_of_the_job (without .inp extension)

ADF 2004 01
qsub /apps/bin/runadf name_of_the_job (without .inp extension)

Dalton job:
qsub -q node14.q /apps/bin/dalton -D -W name -S name dyn name (choose the node with you need, remember to put full name like node23.q)

qsub /apps/bin/run_deMon input_file

Molcas job:
ssh nodeXX
cd your_directory
submit ./your_submit_script

Mathematica 5.0
type: mathematica

Matlab is only running on node5,6,7,8 at the moment due to the problems with RHEL 3. Please don't use beo01 for interactive jobs.
type: matlab7

type: molden

type molekel

type: moplot

PGI compliers:
use one of the programs: pgf77, pgf90, pgcc, pgc, pgCC

Intel Fortran 8.1:
usage: ifort

type: gview
You need Exceed 3D as well on Windows machines