Standard Linux platform installation:

1. Fedora Core 2

2. Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition 3 WS

Both versions are well tested and work well. Fedora Core 2 is based on kernel 2.6 and RHEL WS 3 is based on kernel 2.4


Fedora Core 2 (free version of Red Hat distribution)

To install Fedora Core 2 with PXE boot follow instruction below:

1. Boot your PC with network boot (PXE) - usually you have to press F12 or change BIOS to boot from network 

2. When PXE boot menu will appear choose special and when Altiris console will be displayed select download image.

Images are stored in SIUF-Linux (or SIUF-L~) directory

Choose Fedora2 image

After few seconds Altiris image will download necessary files for unattended kickstart installation preconfigured for typical users needs.

Reboot computer and than installation will start. Usually it takes about 15 minutes to complete installation. Afterwards you will be asked to accept license agreement and you will answer few simple questions.

You can synchronize your time with time server:     (This future is highly recommended to avoid date mismatch and other problems with time stamps)

After installation and configuration is finished you can install additional software according to your needs.

Add the following line to /etc/fstab

siufmipc11:/software     /mnt/software      nfs     defaults     0 0

create /mnt/software:    mkdir /mnt/software

mount /mnt/software

You can change directory to /mnt/software and choose the RPMs with the software which you need (RPMs are located in directories sorted by Linux distribution).

To install RPM type:

rpm -ivh rm_name.rpm

After installation is finished you should check for updates. Type:

yum update

and agree for updated packages to be installed. If you want to check for updates of install new packages use yum - yum install package_name   will install new package

Now you should have your system up to date and fully operational. For the security reason firewall is enable by default. Following link describes how to create rules to allow specific traffic. Default rules are enough for standard usage of computer.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3

If you prefer Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3 please follow the same instruction like for Fedora Core 2 but choose RHEL3 image.

Since we have license issue with Red Hat please send me an e-mail if you've installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3 and I will send you back license number which will allow you to get all updates.