1. Introduction

The SWITCHaai ArpViewer has been introduced at the beginning of October 2006. It serves the following purposes:

2. Functional Description

From the user's point of view the ArpViewer is an application which presents him a webpage, on which

In addition, the user can reset his/her personal settings of the Digital ID Card on a separate webpage, such that he/she will be asked again, whenever attributes have to be released. If new attributes are required by a Service Provider, the user will be asked again to accept the release of his personal information regardless of his previous acceptance.

Last but not least, the user has the possibility to exclude himself completely from the Switch AAI system (also known as Federation). By default, every student is granted access to the Switch AAI federation. At the University of Fribourg, a user can turn this flag off, thus ensuring extreme data protection.

3. How it works

Upon the very first connection, a screen is displayed concerning the Terms of Use ot the SWITCHaai infrastructure. This screen will be displayed once only, even after a reset. The language depends on the browser Regional Settings.

Then, upon the first connection to an SP, the Digital ID Card is displayed:

If the user does not agree to send his personal information, the following message is displayed and the connection to the Service Provider is canceled.

4. What is personal information?

Personal information, also known as Attributes, is one or more of the following values:

Value Example Description
UniqueID ab12cd34@unifr.ch Unique identifier of a person
Surname Muster Last name
Given name Felix First name
E-Mail felix.muster@unifr.ch firstname.lastname@unifr.ch
Home organization unifr.ch unifr.ch
Home organization Type university university
Business postal address Bd de Pérolles 90 CH-1700 Fribourg only for staff personnel, blank for students
Business phone number +41 26 300 1234 only for staff personnel, blank for students
Study branch3 2200 only for students: study branch as defined by the SIUS/SHIS (Swiss University Information System of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office).
Study level 15 only for students: study level as defined by the SIUS/SHIS.
Affiliation student Type of affiliation to the Home Organization (staff, student, alum, member, affiliate)
Staff category 11 Workbranch as defined by the SIUS/SHIS

5. Resetting the authorizations

If the user decides to reset his authorizations, he can do it from the AAI Support home page. He will be informed that his authorizations are about to be reset.