Access a resource

To access a resource, juste type its URL in your favourite browser and follow the instructions, or select it from the resources list. The AAI is compatible with all browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Since end of August 2006, all cantonal and federal universities are fully operational in the so-called SWITCHaai federation and their users (about 195'000 all over Switzerland) have an AAI-enabled account:

There are actually (as of November 2007) about 210 resources (also known as Service Provider) available to the AAI users in Switzerland, most of them in the e-learning domain:

When you first access a resource ,you will be presented a which will show which personal information is to be sent to the Service Provider. If you do not agree to send this information, click on the Cancel button. You will see this Digital ID Card for this Service Provider only once, unless there is a change in the requested personal information.

If you encounter a problem during the connexion phase, please have a look first at our problems resolution page.