Protect a resource with the AAI

As of February 2007, there are two possibilities to protect a ressource: use the web server www.unifr.ch or create your own Service Provider.

Warning: In both cases, the data obtained through the AAI must remain confidential and must NOT be forwarded to third party as required by the data protection law.

Use the web server www.unifr.ch

The server www.unifr.ch is now AAI-enabled. This means that documents or folders on your site can be protected through Shibboleth. If you do not have a site, you may order one using the form available at http://www.unifr.ch/weboffice.

1 The first step is to upload the documents to your site. We strongly suggest that you create a dedicated directory which will be used as an AAI-protected zone in your site.
2 The second and last step is to protect your directory or documents. This is simply done by adding a file called .htaccess in your directory. This file will contain the necessary instructions of what is to be protected. Detailed examples are shown below.
3 That's it. Your documents are now AAI-enabled, or in other words, they are protected by Shibboleth. Only authenticated users from the organizations that you defined in the .htaccess file will be allowed to see them. You need not care about userids and passwords, this is done by the AAI System.

Create your own Service Provider

See SWITCH aai Documentation and more specifically the HOWTO pages